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Prepare / Enrich Program


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Yearning for a perfect mate?

Taking each other for granted, or arguing over little things?

Are you in a relationship that isn't working anymore?



Successful marriage  -- or a satisfying dating life  -- depend on finding the person who is perfect for you 


But, too often, neither men nor women know where to look. It's not always easy to recognize the type of person who will turn out to be perfect for a long lasting, mutually committed, loving, forgiving and growthful relationship.


So maybe you have kissed a lot of frogs, and have gone through a number of relationships that didn't turn out well. 


Relationships do get “stale” or “old” after a time when not given time and attention. Marriages and coupled partnerships begin to deteriorate when taken for granted. 


It could be that your relationship just needs a little rejuvenation.  


When your relationship is healthy, there is an increase in physical health as well as emotional and even financial health.  Research shows that married people tend to live longer and heal faster.


Perfect Partners are Made with Prepare / Enrich


We offer a 8 to 15 week relationship enrichment program designed for couples wishing to enhance their relationship.


Whether you are co-habiting, thinking about getting married, engaged, 

newlyweds, or have been married for an extensive period of time, through Prepare / Enrich, I can provide you with the tools needed to get the most out of your relationship and also help your relationship to succeed.  


According to David and Karen Olson, the founders of this unique program for couples, Prepare / Enrich will help you:


  • Identify and gain strengths as a couple

  • Improve communication skills

  • Reveal areas of stress

  • Resolve conflicts

  • See the patterns learned from your families

  • Talk about how money is spent and saved

  • Set goals for yourselves, and as a couple

  • Respect differences in personality



How Does the Prepare / Enrich Program Work?


First, you and your significant other each will take an online assessment to identify current strength and growth areas.  


Then, in a relaxed and comfortable environment, I will provide you with feedback on your results, allow you to have safe “heart to heart” conversations key to developing a healthier relationship, and in future sessions provide you with skill-building exercises to strengthen areas identified as “growth areas".  


For those interested in a faith-based approach, there is also an optional Christian oriented track available.


After the assessment and initial session where we discuss your needs and agree Prepare / Enrich is right for you, based off the results of your quantified assessment results, an individualized treatment plan for us to work together from this exceptional marriage enrichment model will be discussed with you.


Ready to find out if Prepare / Enrich is right for you and your partner?

Contact me today for a short no-cost phone chat. 

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