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Counseling for Kids & Teens


Image of young African American girl symbolizing successful therapy for kids
Image of 2 white teenage boys symbolizing struggles spoken of in therapy

Being a mililtary kid is both an amazing opportunity, and a very tough way to grow up. Many young children and teens thrive, but some need more attention, preparation, empathy, and understanding than the adults in their lives may realize.


As a parent, you tend to know when your kids are unhappy about moving, or feeling sad about leaving a school where they were comfortable and successful.  


You know they miss the parent who is deployed, and might be taking their anger about that out on you.


These are normal parts of

growing up a military kid.


But there are other signs that your child or teen may be struggling more than they have told you, such as:


  • feeling alone, different, or unaccepted by peers

  • getting bullied or shunned at a new school

  • thinking no one understands what they are going through

  • feeling miserable, unmotivated, fearful, or clingy

  • viewing everything as “things are not like they used to be”

  • talking about death and violence, or acting out in rage

  • questioning the purpose of life

  • attempting suicide, or engaging in other risky behaviors 


If any of these are the case for your child or teen, it's never too early to take them to a therapist.  


Sometimes a child just needs to know an adult understands and can relate to them, and today’s issues.  Sometimes the more sensitive kids are relucant to burden a parent if they see you already struggling with your own depression, anxiety, and fears.


If this is the case, or if your child is just lacking a little in the area of confidence, I’d like to help them to get back onto the road to happiness and have a productive future. 


Teaching kids and teens how to express

their deepest fears and sadness

in an effective, respectful, kind manner

gives them important life skills. 


When your child sees that someone understands them, they will stop rebelling or attempting to harm themselves.  They will learn to love themselves again. They will become effective advocates for getting their needs met without trampling on the rights, feelings, and boundaries of others.


Your child may not say it, but they are hoping you will get them some help.  Show them that you care about them and want the best for them.  Don’t wait.  E-mail or call me today to request appointment. 




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