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Psychotherapy Services


Military Spouses - Discretion Guaranteed

Spouses face tremendous loneliness, frustration, fear, and sense of isolation when the military member is TDY or deployed on an unaccompanied tour.  Everything can seem more difficult, including parenting alone, maintaining a career, and managing emotional stress. Counseling helps you overcome the pressures of:


  • deployment depression

  • career interruption due to PCS

  • transition to civilian life anxiety 

  • alcohol | drugs | gambling | shopping | sex addictions

Image of military family saying goodbye

Veterans Struggling with PTSD

You might have coped effectively with the things you've experience while deployed in a combat zone, during training, or elsewhere on active duty. But trauma has a way of sticking in the mind, and making the return to stateside life a challenge. Getting help is the smart thing to do. Take advantage of counseling with a fellow veteran if you are dealing with:


  • nightmares and waking flashbacks

  • hypervigilence

  • thoughts of harming self or others

  • unhealthy coping habits

Image of a man in fatigues symbolizing an army veteran

Counseling for Kids and Teens

Children don't always know how to talk about feeling scared, sad, and worried. Yet, they feel these emotions deeply. So they act out with anger, withdrawal, disrespectful back talk, getting into trouble, or by clamming up. Military kids may be especially affected by the uncertainties and frequent change experienced in the family. Counseling can help you child when you notice they are going through tough times such as:


  • experiencing bullying or being a bully

  • having self-esteem issues

  • engaging in self-injury

  • showing risky behaviors such as drugs, gangs, truancy

Image of a teenage boy with other boys in the background

Counseling for Singles

You might not have anything to do with the military, or you might be single and on active duty. Whatever your situation, if you are struggling to find your place in the world, wondering why your relationships don't last, or going through some combination of feeling lost, irritable, unmotivated, negative about everything, counseling can help. Reach out if you are dealing with:


  • anxiety or depression

  • dating disappointments and relationships loss

  • loneliness and lack of self-confidence

  • women's issues

Image of a smiling young woman with brown hair

Counseling for Job-Related Depression

Are you in a highly demanding job, or a super stressful workplace? Do you dread going to work each day, or feel desperate to change careers?  Counseling can help you manage job-related depression and anxiety when you are challenged to the breaking point with situations such as:


  • difficulty with co-workers or supervisors

  • feeling like knowledge and talents are wasted

  • interpersonal or empathy problems

  • irritability and anger issues

Image of professional African-American man
Addiction Therapy

Some coping methods are good for you -- they even promote health and well-being. Others just make matters worse. Trying to numb your feelings, or gain a temporary sense of happiness from what you are using as a coping tool can put you on the verge of being trapped in an addiction. Addiction therapy can help when you are trying to cope with methods such as:


  • closet drinking | prescription or recreational drug abuse

  • compulsive gambling | shopping to manage emotions

  • sexual addictions, including infidelity or pornography

  • cyber addiction

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