Our Therapists

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Dr. Angela Jones

What I Love About Helping People

I truly enjoy assisting and guiding others in the direction of accomplishing their goals, loving themselves, feeling rejuvenated, renewing their relationships, and becoming the person they dreamed of but thought they would never be.  The end result of seeing individuals surpass their desires and expectations and knowing I was an instrumental resource of that change is a rewarding feeling!


Alyssa Sorrells, LMHC

What I Love About Helping People

I always had an innate desire to help others and knew that whatever career I chose would need to reflect this desire. I pursued different options in college until I took an Introduction to Counseling course that immediately resonated with me. It gave me a direction to focus my efforts towards and gave me a sense of comfort in the fact that I could help others in a way that incorporated my values and beliefs.