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Image of Angela Jones PhD, LMFT, LPC, LMHC, RPT, CPFC

Why I Became a Licensed Marriage and Family   Therapist  as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor (Both)

I have been an advisor since a very young age.  As I matured, I discovered I enjoy assisting others with not only pursuing, but reaching and sustaining their ultimate goals.  I believe a perfect job for someone is the job they are willing to do for free.  For several years, this is exactly what I did—not because I had to, but because I wanted to.  


During my experiences, I observed there was a great need for genuine counselors who are patient enough to assist individuals with their growth and needs.  It became evident counseling and guiding individuals to their destiny through a systemic approach (by first finding the roots of their concerns) was a great need in our community.  


Helping individuals to live healthy lifestyles and experience eternal healthy relationships is my passion, therefore I decided to open a Marriage & Family Therapist and Professional Counseling practice to make a difference in the community, to include the military population, in which I am a retiree.

What I Love About Helping People

Since I was a child, it has been in me to help others to succeed and excel while aspiring to reach their goals.  I believe it is my calling to assist individuals from a holistic approach while they are in the process of pursuing happiness and success.  

I truly enjoy assisting and guiding others in the direction of accomplishing their goals, loving themselves, feeling rejuvenated, renewing their relationships, and becoming the person they dreamed of but thought they would never be.  The end result of seeing individuals surpass their desires and expectations and knowing I was an instrumental resource of 

that change is a rewarding feeling!



  • Doctorate of Education (Summa Cum Laude)

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (Cum Laude Masters Degree)

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Registered Play Therapist

  • Certified Personal Financial Counselor

  • Certified Mindset Life Coach

  • Certified Leadership Life Coach

  • Career counselor for those transitioning

  • Retired Air Force Veteran

  • Extensive experience in co-occuring mental health and addictions counseling

  • Elder Mediator

  • Guardian Ad Litem

  • Parent Coordinator

  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Family, Dependency & County Mediator

  • Qualified Social Investigator

  • Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator


My Commitment to You

I am totally committed to providing you with quality therapeutic interventions to help you reach your goals of therapy.  As a non-judgmental voice and effective listener, I will work together with you to help you and your loved ones to uncover the sources of your concerns.


It is my goal to not only assist you with the concerns that bring you to counseling today but also to provide you with tools and resources you need to continue to adapt to whatever life issues may arise in the future.

My Credentials & Experience

About Dr. Jones

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