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Addiction Therapy


Images of young white male symbolizing concern about addiction
Images of young bi-racial woman symbolizing feeling sad about addiction

Do you have a deep love for something that you know is not good for you?

Does a lot of your daily energy go into trying to keep it a secret?

Is it costing you money you know you really do not have?

Are you borrowing from others to keep up your habits?


Try as you might to leave your addiction alone, it seems every time you try to ignore it or let the addiction go for a while, the urges come back even stronger than before.  You can feel it about to happen and can’t stop it.


Addiction Therapy is meant for individual adults who are using legal or illegal substances, or who are compulsively / incessantly using various processes to cope with emotions you don't want to feel.  


Maybe you think you’re in a no-win situation. You don’t feel good about yourself. Maybe you tell yourself you’re a loser, or a failure for not doing things differently.


You may be tired of letting this addiction take control of your life or having you spending money that you do not have.  And you probably know that without getting help, things will only get worse for you. 


But it isn’t easy, I know.


Few of us are able to break habits alone.  That’s why I am here to help you. 


Working with me can assist you with changing these habits and moving on with your life in a more productive manner. 


You may be surprised to hear that addiction is no longer viewed as a character flaw. In my office, you won’t be shamed or blamed for your addictive behaviors. We’ll work together to develop better, healthier, coping habits, and to reduce the stress that creates the need to cope in the first place.


The latest understanding is that addiction isn’t even entirely a biological disease.


New theories about addictions are pointing towards a change in how addiction can be viewed as a learned process, originally designed for coping or for gaining pleasure. That process gets “stuck” and become chronically overused. Instead of making things better, this stuck form of coping just makes things worse.


Knowing that, and with a little help, letting go of these habits of addiction is possible.


If you are like others I have treated with this problem, yes, it will take time. But together we can get you there.  With just a little coaching, you can have the tools and confidence needed to be able to “kick the habit” for good. 


Addiction Therapy is for you when you are ready to change these coping habits and want an objective, balanced perspective or professional advice about reducing:  


  • closet drinking | prescription or recreational drug abuse

  • compulsive gambling | shopping to manage emotions

  • sexual addictions, including infidelity or pornography

  • cyber addiction


Things are not going to get better until you make the first step.  I can set you up with an appointment this week. Let’s get started.


Don't wait. Call today.




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