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Counseling for Job-Related Depression


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Does your job make your life miserable, even after work hours? 


Workplace pressures of today's world can be fierce. If you are in a job you don't like, one that isn't using your best talents, one with unrelenting demands, or one where office politics and personalities are wearing you down, it can be depressing and stressful.


Going into work every day when you expect to be treated unfairly, or have your efforts undervalued, takes a toll on your own mental and emotional well-being.


I can help.


Counseling for Job-Related Depression is meant for individual adults whenever you want an objective, balanced perspective or professional advice about handling:  


  • difficulty with co-workers or supervisors

  • feeling like knowledge and talents are wasted

  • interpersonal or empathy problems

  • irritability and anger issues


Maybe it is already tough to get out of bed each day because you know you are going to a job where it seems you are the only one being productive, or you feel you have worthless co-workers. You dread the start of each new work week. 


That’s a demotivating fact that drains pride in your efforts, and desire to be productive.


Maybe you feel your supervisor should not be in the position they hold because they don’t have a clue how to manage people effectively.   But you feel you don’t have the authority to risk speaking up.


So right now you may be feeling like the job is not worth it and you just want to quit, but can’t because of your family obligations and personal responsibilities. That feeling of being stuck just depresses you more.


I know what that’s like. 


Life at work doesn’t have to be as overwhelming and draining on you as it is.  You do not have to allow issues at work, or with co-workers, and supervisors to ruin your days, and keep you stressed or depressed. 


With counseling, you can change feeling frustrated, and being irritable with your family and friends. 


I can help you allow you to learn how to:


  • Gain conflict resolution skills

  • Improve communication with difficult people

  • Reduce frustration and over-reactivity

  • Draw out natural leadership abilities

  • Leave stressful situations at the office


You deserve to have a life outside of work that you can enjoy.  Sign up for an appointment to see me today.


Dont wait. Call today.




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