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Counseling for Singles


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Struggling with emotions and habits that are making you miserable?

Relationships or situations sabotaging your life plans?

Concerned about the decisions you make and have no one to talk to?


If anxiety, depression, loneliness, or insecurity are robbing you of the life you want, the time to reach out for help is now.


Being single can be difficult in itself.  You may feel you know what to do but based on past experiences, you lack the confident courage to take bold actions. 


As long as you stand in fear, feeling anxious, depressed, you know things will get worse. And yet, feeling overwhelmed and extremely unsure makes it get clarity about your choices.


This can change. I can help.


Counseling for Singles is meant for individual adults, whether married, partnered, or on your own whenever you want an objective, balanced perspective or professional advice about handling:  


  • anxiety or depression

  • dating and relationships

  • career choices

  • decision dilemmas

  • loneliness

  • women's issues


From time to time, we all need a sound ear to encourage us to keep moving forward.  New viewpoints can help shift your perspectives just a little to help you make wiser decisions, achieve your goals, and live a happier, more productive life. 


Even if you have made several bad decisions in the past, talking now to someone you can trust will help you with getting back on track. 


As you get older, your window of opportunity to change things is getting smaller.  Right now you may feel like there is no way to change your life around based on decisions you have made that were based on worry, fear, or grief.  You may be saying to yourself “I do not want to reveal any more of my stupid mistakes to anyone, especially not a stranger”. 


I understand.


But when you see that what you’ve been doing isn’t working, it’s smart to change your approach, use different resources, and come at your problems from a new direction.  That’s what counseling with me can provide for you.


I am here to listen with a non-judgmental ear and provide you professional guidance.  You do not have to feel alone any longer. 


Nothing gets better by waiting. 


Take the plunge to get back on track.  You deserve to be confident again and making responsible decisions… and this time for good.  


Dont wait. Call today.




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