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Counseling for Veterans & PTSD


Image of a wordle showing symptoms of PTSD

Are you a Veteran struggling with PTSD?

Having a hard time in the transition from military to civilian life? 


You may be feeling anxious or like you are not prepared for this transition.  Right now, the status of becoming a civilian is new and different and you just need help adjusting. 


I know exactly what you are going through, because

I'm an Air Force veteran myself.


You may have fear or worry about the next life decisions you have to make.  That's totally understandable. Few of us veterans trust civilian doctors with our diagnosis of military PTSD because they just don’t understand what we have been through. 


Whether you are suffering from PTSD or adjusting to civilian life, you need someone you can trust to talk to.  I’m here to help. 


Trained to assess the strengths and opportunities of a situation, you know that without getting help, things are not going to get better. 


Working with me can help you to become confident again.  I know you are feeling overwhelmed and a bit helpless, that is why I as a veteran I am offering my services to you.  Let’s get you back on track.  Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

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