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Counseling for Military Spouses


Image of military parents in fatigues, holding their young child
Images of young woman smbolizing a military dependent

Feeling stuck, as if there is no way out? 

Struggling with addiction or depression? 


Spouse's continual deployments

putting a damper on your relationship? 


The life of a military spouse is filled with unique challenges. Thriving in an atmosphere of continual change and frequent separation can be more emotionally difficult and stressful than many realize.


Maybe you are like so many others who suffer in silence, reluctant to reach out for help lest it impact the mililtary member's leadership position or opportunities for advancement. It's not unusual to experience extraordinary pressures from:


  • constantly starting over

  • leaving new friends behind when forced to PCS

  • interrupting your own career advancement time and again

  • parenting alone for months and years at a time

  • feeling isolated in a strange place, far from your own parents

  • dealing with the status games of wives wearing their husband's rank

  • feeling guilty about even having these complaints when your spouse is putting their life on the line as a daily duty


You are not alone.


All this pressure builds up, especially when you try to cope on your own. But sometimes that can lead to depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. When that happens, trying to handle things on your own, in secret, starts creating more problems than it solves.


You might start feeling as if there is no reason to live and the world may be better off without you because you can’t do anything right.  


I understand.


All you want is to know that someone cares and believes in you.  But you are ashamed to let people know you need help and that you can’t do it alone.  You feel like you can't risk letting folks to know how addicted you really are or even the fact that you just feel there is no reason to keep going on. 


Perhaps you are afraid your spouse cares more about their military career than you and your children. 


Deep in your heart, you know your spouse loves you. He or she tells you they love you, but there are times when you feel no one is listening to what you have to say or how you are feeling.  It's so discouraging, and maybe you are starting to feel resentful.


You deserve a supportive ear

to REALLY hear you,

listen to how you feel,

and provide objective feedback. 


If you are like others I have treated with these types of problems, you can turn these things around for good. 


As an Air Force veteran myself, I know what military life is like, and the toll it takes on spouses and families. In talking to me you'll have someone who truly understands the challenges, pressures, and intense pride you have, and how that mixes with loneliness, fear, and sadness to become a constant state of confusion.


You don’t need to feel anxious, depressed, or isolated like this any longer. You don't have to use drugs or alcohol to numb the loneliness and worry.  


Just imagine what it would feel like to

be in control of your emotions 


If you are one to second guess yourself and allow great opportunities to pass you by, I’d like to help you shift this perspective and learn to begin making wiser decisions for yourself and your family.  


Working with me can help you to be the happy military spouse you used to be.  I can also coach and assist you with having a healthier and happier relationship during the deployment and upon your spouse’s return. 


With just a little coaching, you will be able to make it through a recent or impending permanent change of station.  Your spouse being away on deployment does not have to give you that sick feeling in your stomach anymore. 


Appointments are waiting for you.  Just click the button below and send me a message for the first session. 

You deserve to be happy.

I'll help you get there.

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