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Collaborative Divorce


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Do you have a family business, personal assets of high worth, or a complex financial situation?

Do you want to keep your divorce out of public record?

Do you want to have control of the time-sharing decision of your children?

If you answered yes, and also are looking to save money and not waste time in litigation arguing about the past or dealing with a sabotaging opposing attorney, collaborative divorce may be just for you!

Would you like to reduce the stress that accompanies divorce?

Would you like to retain decision making over your family and financial assets rather than leaving your fate in the hands of a judge?

You and your spouse may both be at the state where you know divorce is the best option, but you both are in fear of the divorce outcome. By opting to participate in the collaborate divorce process you have the opportunity to focus on meeting both, your personal needs and the needs of your current spouse, instead of having a “winner” and a “loser” divorce outcome.

What are the Goals of Collaborative Divorce?

  • Save time and money

  • Avoid litigation and judicial intervention 

  • Preserve family harmony, especially where children are involved

  • To have a win-win outcome

What is Needed for Collaborative Divorce to Work?



  • Good faith exchange of financials and other assets

  • Promise by both parties to be civil

  • Engage in communications that are limited to the divorce priorities as prescribed by the collaborative team


What Does Collaborative Divorce Cover?

At a fraction of the cost, collaborative divorce covers everything covered in court divorce cases, to include:


  • Time-share

  • Child support

  • Custody

  • Alimony

  • Visitation

  • Finances

  • Property and Asset Division

Who are great candidates for Collaborative Divorce? 


  1. Low-conflict cases where parties where both are willing to put their needs to the side to come to agreements.

  2. Those who want to be able to control the amount of time (and money) it can take to have a divorce finalized.

  3. Parties who want to control time-share decisions made regarding minor children.

What is the cost of Collaborative Divorce?

The costs of collaborative divorce are dependent upon how honest you are about your assets and how willing you and your spouse are to compromise. The attorneys are trained in the collaborative process and meet together with the spouses to assist them with as smooth a transition as quick as possible.

How does Collaborative Divorce work?

There are usually 4 professionals involved in Collaborative Divorce. These include:


  • A neutral mental health professional who facilitates teamwork, and assists in emotional management, as well as assisting with concerns regarding children

  • A neutral financial professional who assist attorneys and clients in understanding financials

  • Two collaboratively trained lawyers, one to represent each party

You and your spouse both will be individually interviewed by either a neutral mental health professional or financial professional to ensure your case is of low conflict resolution. The neutral professional will also explain the process of Collaborative Divorce, which is tailored to your goals as decided by you and your attorney.

The next step is for you and your spouse to meet with your collaborative attorneys, if this has not already been accomplished.

Once both parties have met with their attorneys and participated in the initial interview, sessions which will include your attorneys, the neutral mental health provider, and neutral financial advisor will take place. These sessions are where the agreements will take place.


Prior to the collaborative sessions, the collaborative team (neutral professionals and attorneys) will have a short pre-brief. After your sessions, the collaborative team will have a short debrief in order to determine the next steps in your case.

Let’s get your divorce settled TODAY!

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