When families deal with divorce, it can feel like you are losing control of your life and your options. Consultation with a parent coordinator, or mediator can keep the process from getting more acrimonious than it needs to be.

As a qualified parent coordinator in the state of Florida I use a child-centered process that incorporates a mixture of education, mediation, and counseling to manage conflict and help parents learn to come to resolutions and compromises on their own.


I am also a qualified social investigator for the state of Florida, authorized to perform home study assessments when ordered by a court during a divorce or adoption process, in order to provide a report based on the best interest of your child.


Serving as a Florida supreme court certified mediator (family and county), I can help you come to resolutions in divorce and small claims as well.

Consultation or mediation can help you through a court process

Find out how a parent coordination consultation can help you get through a divorce with a satisfactory outcome for you and your children.

Learn the details on what happens when a judge orders a home study and what I will do as your social investigator.

Ending a marriage through mediation can be less expensive and less acrimonious than a court process. Find out if mediation is right for you.

Disputes settled on contracts, or issues with your HOA, landlord or tenant, credit card, debt collection can be handled with mediation.


Counseling helps you become

happier and more successful

As a veteran herself, Dr Jones specializes in counseling the military population to include transitioning from military to civilian life, as well as the civilian population.


Now in private practice, our counselors work with children and teens, singles, couples, and families to help you deal with the stresses of normal life, and the unique pressures of the military life.  


Because in counseling, no one size fits all, our team uses the most advanced solution-focused, goal oriented, collaborative approaches to help you find happiness while regaining control of your life and relationships.

We can help you overcome: 


  • PTSD

  • pre-marital and marital issues 

  • life transitions 

  • depression 

  • anxiety 

  • women issues 

  • substance abuse 

  • self-esteem issues 

  • parenting during deployments

  • family issues

  • problems that seem irreconcilable




PCS disruptions and stress of deployments wearing you out? Having a hard time coping with constant change?

Veterans with



Nightmares or flashbacks making you miserable? Feeling like you're about to explode? Irritable or withdrawn?




Is your child getting bullied? Worried about your teen's behavior? Your kids may benefit from counseling.

Adult Singles

& Couples


Lonely, shy, unhappy? Too many relationships conflicts? Wishing you could have more confidence?




Unable to say no to frustrating, unreasonable work demands? On the berge of burn-out, and feeling stuck?




Using alcohol or drugs to numb emotions or feel better? Gambling too much or suspect you might be a sex addict?

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